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[Let's Build] D100 starts to a campaign that aren't in a tavern

I'm tired of starting all of my campaigns inexplicably in a tavern. What are some other ways you've seen a campaign start?
1: You were all involved in a war that's now over, visiting the sight of one of the most gruesome battles. Maybe you're here because you lost someone you cared about in the fight. Maybe you wished you could have been in the fray, but were held back. Maybe you ran from the fight and guilt drove you back here.
As the sun sets, the spirits of those long dead soldiers begin to reappear, all marching in the same direction. Will you follow?
2: All PC's were captured by the guards of a large city and sent to hang (the reason for this can be up to the player. Wrongfully convicted, career criminal, spoke out against the leadership, etc.). At the last moment, right before the lever is pulled, an arrow takes out the ropes and smoke bombs explode around you. You are quickly whisked away by your saviors, down a dark alley and into a secret hide away.
Your rescuers reveal themselves to be the most powerful and feared criminal syndicate of the country, and your life has a price. A very large ship of theirs carrying illegal goods that they won't specify (stolen gold, drugs, maybe even slaves for an interesting twist) went missing in a cove, along with any groups sent to search for it.
If you can find the ship, bring back the cargo, and not be caught by the guard in the process, you walk away rich and free.
3: The PC's are in a medium sized town, checking the local bounty board for work (why their here is up to the PCs). They quickly come to a disturbing realization: All of them now have a price on their heads.
4: An annual ceremony in the town takes place at the graveyard, unusually large due to the war-torn country. It's basically a carnival, where families gather around the graves to reminisce and celebrate the lives that once were. Chaos quickly erupts as the deceased relatives start clawing their way out of their caskets, attempting to kill their past loved ones.
5: beaten and bloodied, the PC's are left for dead, tied to trees in the middle of the forest by a local bandit group. What they didn't realize is that they tied you up right next to the mushroom circle of a local fey. She agrees to release you all on one condition: kill the bandits that have been ransacking her forest for supplies.
6: Inspired by elder scrolls, oblivion: You all are invited separately as illustrious guests to an esteemed and very wealthy manor. As soon as all of you enter, all of the doors slam shut and lock magically behind you. A disembodied voice is then heard throughout the manor: "kill eachother. The last one of you left standing will go free." Will they do as the voice commands? Or will they work together to uncover the mystery of the manor and escape?
Could end very quickly, but has a lot of potential. Could even have player characters come back as undead if killed by another person, solely bent on hunting down any members that remain.
7: You are all attendees to a wedding. You each may or may not know each other, but you do know at least one of the couple. As they are trading vows, assassins burst through the doors, killing the couple before anyone can act.
8: The local university hires the party as body guards for a scholar who is transporting his revelatory research to the capitol. During the journey, the scholar is assassinated, and his research is stolen. Now the party themselves are the subject of much suspicion. If they can solve the mystery of the assassination and recover the research, their names will be cleared.
9: In various locations, though various circumstances, the members of the party have been captured to be sold into slavery. They begin on a slave ship headed to market.
10: Each player wakes up in a wooden box (a coffin) buried in a shallow grave.
11: For one reason or another, the party has all signed up for an arena, either they are placed on a team together to fight monaters, or pitted against each other (depending on your group).
They can go through the arena or the arena can be interupted by something (an assassination, explosion in the city). Either winning the prize money, ir having arena officials be skeptical of them or asking for their help.
So many option you can go, and it usually starts with pretty quick combat.
12: You see a man post a notice on the notice board, saying local mansion needs help defending against nightly hauntings. That night you go to saod mansion and find corpses that have been there at least a year
13: In Medias Res: The players are in a town, and the town is under attack! The Fighter's guild, mages guild, churches, and even the thieves guild are all rushing to help hold the line.
14: Everyone wakes up on a beach, surrounded by the aftermath of a shipwreck.
15: The characters wake up in a jail cell, their heads throbbing from the previous night's apparent bender. The guards want to know how an NPC died. Could either have the players make it up, or hand them pieces of paper telling them what they remember.
16: The players are abducted by aliens. They have to figure out where they are, why they were abducted, and how to escape.
17: Characters are all in a market when a merchant stands on a podium and begins to speak. He shows off some type of item (can really be anything you want it to be), boasting that it is completely priceless/extremely powerful. Out of the crowd, someone jumps up onto the podium, knocks the merchant to the ground, and runs off with the item. The merchant screams, "Stop them! I'll give 1,000 gold to whoever can bring them back to me alive!" The players give chase.
18: Characters are all in a market of about 100 people, going about their business. One by one, they each realize they've been the victim of a pickpocket. They look around and see that everyone around them is having the same look in their eyes. They quickly discover that every single person in the market has been pickpocketed, and no one noticed. Was it a highly organized criminal group? A magically enhanced rogue? A trick of an illusion spell? The PC's aim to find out.
19: Characters are all soldiers in a war, and have been gathered by a superior officer for a special mission.
20: Characters all died prematurely in the same event, the Fates/some deity is upset about it. They all meet in whatever equivalent of purgatory you choose, and are sent back to the mortal plane stop whoever is interfering with fate.
21: Characters are all on a trade caravan(for whatever reason) when it is attacked by X type of monsters. The monsters are more organized than normal, and all have some kind of badge/insignia that indicates allegiance to something. The characters can choose to investigate on their own, or will be requested to upon arrival at their destination, after the caravan head reports to the Watch that they distinguished themselves in the fight.
22: You are all travelling on a riverboat in a deep canyon to the furthest-most city on the edge of civilization.
The riverboat is attacked by Kobolds (or any sort of enemy, this is a great chance to use something uncommon and exotic) on ziplines that steal supplies from the boats that ply the river. The players are the only ones capable of defending themselves and the boat.
23: You all wake in a field, lying in a circle with your feet towards the center, where the ground is scorched from a small explosion. Placed delicately in the middle of the scorch mark is a single page ripped from a journal.
You know who each other are, but have no idea how or why you met, or how you got here.
24: You are all invited to a ballard performed by an incredibly famous bard. As the performance goes on, the PC's notice that everyone around them has been petrified besides themselves. The bard then says, "Now that I have your attention, I have a favor to ask..."
25: You are all invited to a Ballard performed by an incredibly famous bard. At the end of the performance, you walk out side of the theater to see that the town you were just in is deserted and overgrown. As the other patrons walk out, they turn to dust and collapse to the ground right outside, with the people behind them quickly following, not noticing what's happening right in front of them. The only people who survive going through are the PC's. They slowly discover they've somehow been teleported one hundred years into the future.
26: You are all invited to a Ballard performed by an incredibly famous bard. As the bard continues their performance, his entourage quickly and discreetly locks all doors and bars all windows. By the time the performance has ended, all of the audience is surrounded by 30-50 archers, all with crossbows at the ready. From the back of the stage, a lich comes forward. You are all to be used as a sacrifice to give life to a new lich. Can your party stop the cult and save the audience?
27: In a village far to the north, a group of onlookers gawk at the sky (your PC's included). They've always seen the northern lights over head, but never as spectacular as this! With mixes of purple, blue, and green bands intertwining and coalescing throughout the sky, the whole village is lit up by the bright light. But it looks as if the bands are getting....closer. slowly but steadily coming closer to the ground.
Finally, as the bands of light sit just above the buildings in the town, you realize: each of these bands of light are a colossal cloud of wisps, at least a billion in number.
28: at the invitation of a royal gnome tinkerer, your party meets along with at least 20 other adventurers in a palace carved into a mountain. The gnome steps forward and speaks to you all:
"I have called all of you here today because I need a crew of the bravest, strongest adventurers that this world has to offer. For I have developed a revolutionary new form of travel that will take us to places never seen before!"
"I call it, the Star Sailor!"
29: The local university hires the party as body guards for a scholar who is transporting his revelatory research to the capitol. During the journey, the scholar is assassinated, and his research is stolen. Now the party themselves are the subject of much suspicion. If they can solve the mystery of the assassination and recover the research, their names will be cleared.
30: After going to sleep for the night in their separate domiciles, the PCs share a vivid dream. They open their eyes to discover they have all somnambulated to a small shrine to a forgotten God, in the nearby countryside. This group of strangers, frightened and confused, wonders why they were called.
31: In recent years a new phenomenon has cropped up: people throughout the land are being born with strange patterns on their skin. The PCs, each having a perfect holy symbol on their back, have been gathered at the temple for examination.
  1. The PCs are all freelancers, and a mutual contact (a Fixer) has found a job for them which requires all their unique talents. They have to meet with the employer's representative (Mr. Johnson) to receive details and their initial payment. The location in question is at the docks, as the person will be departing on a ship immediately after the meeting. They are given details on how they will get paid after that.
  2. There's a good reason this one doesn't start in a tavern. All of the PCs have run afoul of the gang that runs the local, and they have to either side with that gang's enemies (who aren't the PCs' biggest fans either), or somehow repair their reputation.
  3. All of the PCs are in the employ of an eccentric wizard who does not leave his tower. Prior to this, they had never directly met - but a murder has taken place and their employer needs information to solve the crime. (Nero Wolfe)
  4. You're an ex-military unit of Lawful Good PCs, and you found out that the general and his staff worship Bane (or another LE deity). Being the only witnesses to the evil, you are convicted of a crime you didn't commit. The campaign starts on the caravan to jail. (A-Team)
  5. All of the party is on the same boat voyage, whether across a sea or an ocean, when the boat is attacked by pirates. If they're not defeated the pirates steal trade goods while their leader gives an intimidating speech on the other boat. The party now knows a) there are pirates, and b) what the leader of the pirates in this area looks like. Any NPCs on the boat spread word of the party's deeds when they reach land.
  6. A scholar of the ancient, extinct cyclops race hired the PC's as body guards. They were ancient warriors who were immortal and had the ability to see briefly ahead in time. They became larger, stronger, and able to see farther into the future as they became older. You travel with him to the ancient cyclops ruins of one of their largest cities. After traveling a day and a half just to reach the center of the city, you arrive upon a circle that looks like it used to be a stadium of some sort. After walking into the center, he pulls a large vial from out of his coat, and smashes it on the ground at your feet. Suddenly, the buildings around you rematirialize, and your surrounded by a large group of extremely surprised cyclops, currently in the middle of a political meeting.
    You've been sent eons back to the past. Will you attempt to find the reason for their downfall, and try and save them? Or will you try and find your way back, ignoring their future demise?
  7. A country with an incredibly storied past is known to pay adventurers VERY well, due to a long history of them being saved from peril by legendary heroes and dragon slayers. Word has spread of a highly organized group of kobolds terrorizing this country. They are not merely raiding trade caravans, their isolating settlements, taking over whole towns and making the citizens slaves. The PC's meet at the capital either to help, or earn easy money. They are tasked with taking out a nearby kobold compound, scouring the capital and probing it for weaknesses. They have been ordered to take back the kobold warchief head as proof of their deed, which will adorn a spike on the city wall.
Before leaving, the king sends his personal body guard, a rangerogue to lead you to this compound. He seems extremely reluctant at first, but the king forces him to go. He tries his best to stay as far from combat as possible, almost like hes looking to bolt at the nearest opportunity.
During the course of the encounter, the kobold warchief catches the party by surprise, swinging a battle axe straight at the bodyguards head. The battleaxe literally cracks in half, with the bodyguard not even flinching. He immediately reaches behind on instinct and grabs the kobolds head, crushing it into pieces inside it's plated helm.
After the party questions him, he reveals that he is actually an ancient brass dragon, as old as the country itself. He considers the country his home, and loves being a part of the humans. He has often protected them, or even spinned tails of himself defeating dragons that had been terrorizing the area, bringing back one of his own scales as proof. Almost every legendary warrior in the countries history was actually him, in human form.
This kobold threat is new, though. They are the slaves of a red dragon, who heard tales that an ancient brass dragon had been hiding here. He wants to take him and his country as his slaves. It is up to the party to fight him and his slave army back, alongside the brass dragon.
  1. The party has been conscripted to fend off a cult from overthrowing the local lord. The general of the army and the lord are vassals of a corrupt, failing dynasty.
  2. Mad Margull’s Mysterious Menagerie and Miracles Show is in crisis – all the performers are desperately ill from the basilisk egg soufflé. So, the party meets as stand-in performers providing: Stunning Showcases of Strength and Stamina, Amazing Aerial Acrobatic Acts, Spine-tingling Sorcerous Summonings, Stupendous Stories and Songs, Accurate Archery of Apples atop Audience heads, and *Complete Conversations with Crabapple TreesTonight only!!!!
    Curtains close and the wagon cabin surrenders to darkness. The group of complete strangers ringed around the table links hands and are encouraged concentrate…concentrate…concentrate. The crystal sphere centered atop the table begins to glow, and the séance begins…
  3. Doing their civic duty, the party joins together as an impromptu jury in a witchcraft trial.
  4. Seeking free drinks, each has joined in as laborers at a brewery and wine-making faire.
  5. A bolt of lightning sparks from the sky to the top of an individual and jumps from person to person in a busy market. For a moment all five (Four? Three?) people are enveloped in light and joined by lightning bolts. Afterwards, they appear unhurt and undamaged. Why them?
  6. Each PC has a flashback to an event in there past that could have ended catastrophically but at the last second something happened. (Almost fell asleep on guard duty, and would have missed the Assassin comeing for the king. Or playing with a friend as a child they bump into an oil lamp in a barn.) But in the vision everything falls apart and they see themselves saying "I would give anything to..." after a voice in there head says "I've come to collect."
  7. The annual goblin hunt contest. The local town gets together once a year, everyone signs up and is put on a random team. (The players are on the same team, but it was random) The goal is kill as many goblin's as you can. The time of the event Sundown to Sunrise, and takes place in the forest. Each person has two Firefly jar's attached to them to prevent friendly fire.
  8. A meteor strikes the town next to yours a hour ago, the local guard is are asking any willing body's to help with the rescue, and see what happened.
  9. A carriage large enough for the party pulls up and the door opens to let you in. There’s no one driving, no one inside and the carriage is pulled by skeleton horses. Do you get in?
  10. You've all woken up in a grave yard, in holes 6 feet deep. One of you is currently having dirt shoveled on you.
  11. The PCs were all hired by different people to do the same job. When they run into each other at the job site, the first question is "Why is this job so important that so many people are willing to pay for it?"
  12. The PCs were all hired by the same person to do several different jobs at the same time. Each PC also received a note only to be opened when their job is done. That note gives the name of another PC (no two notes have the same name) and an offer to double their payment if they kill that person. (Best to save this one for groups that are okay at handling inter-party conflict, of course...)
  13. The PCs were all members of the same criminal gang. They're picked by the boss to carry out an assignment. When they come home, the city guard/police have swarmed over the gang's hideout. One of the guards/cops is holding a list of known members. Time to relocate.
  14. Each party member books passage on a ship heading for a local city. Each is on his or her own business. They're caught in a rift/wild magic surge/whatever you want and instead of docking at the target destination, the ship puts into a port far, far away from the original destination. From there, they can be in trouble because it's an enemy country, they can't get back because they don't have enough money, or some other hook you like to keep them there. This could also work with a merchant caravan or some other group travel method. large pieces of hostile geography could serve to keep the PCs in the new location at least for the beginning of the campaign.
  15. Party meets in a casino. They're suckered, either together or individually, such that they owe more than they can pay to the casino's owner who is also a local fixer. He's on the hook to map out a stretch of dangerous, unknown country, however large you want. To get rid of that problem, he offers to outfit the party with what they need, including a cartographer if no one has a compatible background, and then bullies them into performing the mapping mission to clear their debt. From there, they can run into whatever hooks you need to start your campaign somewhere in the wild. and if they abandon the mapping mission as a result, then they have a villain chasing them (the casino owner) who can pop up when they least expect it.
  16. For a less-then-good party (depends on each character's back story): The party is in prison, working at hard labor. They know each other's names, but not much more. they're on the same work detail, working outside the prison walls. Farming near a swamp, mining in a guarded shaft, farming in harsh weather conditions near a large forest. Take your pick. A monster runs through the work detail, killing the guards but leaving the party alive. Or a wild magic storm, or a war party from the local bandits or a neighboring but hostile country. Bottom line: guards are gone or dead, the coast is clear. Each party member is on the hook for a long sentence, guilty or not is up to you and their back story. They can get basic equipment off the bodies of the fallen guards and then it can either be a quiet escape into a nearby city from where they need to book passage out as quickly as possible...or a wild chase through a swamp or forest being pursued by angry guards and tracking dogs. They can escape outright or find a helpful NPC who hides them while dropping the first hook to your campaign in the process.
  17. The party are all young adults in the same family. If races become a problem, then remember adoption as part of the back story. A low-rank noble family is easiest since those kids would be trained in straight D&D classes as part of their education -- knight, ranger, cleric, even wizard. rogues could be rogue-centric rangers or they could be bad-boy nobles who spend too much time with the wrong crowd in the local city so they actually develop first-level rogue skills. A creative backstory is required for each character. Once that's done, then something happens to the family. A patriarch is convicted of treason, the family is ruined and cast adrift. Or the kids unwittingly commit a crime -- they hurt the son of a local king, they accidentally release some long lost horror that was being kept beneath the family castle. Two other directions might be a peasant family, though this will require some creative back story-ing for why an entire family of peasants would be trained in non-serf skills. but if you can work that out, then the village could be ransacked or the family could go bankrupt forcing the oldest kids to hire on as caravan guards or something to support themselves and the family. The final direction would be an upper-crust noble family. Princes and princesses of a major nation. A coup casts the family out and the campaign is about regaining the throne.
  18. The party are all low-level employees of a local thieves guild. They don't have to all be thieves. Fighters can be enforcers. priests can be back-room healers. wizards can be tool makers or simply in debt to the guild master and trading services for debt-reduction. again, dependent on a character-specific back story. The campaign starts when the players attend some kind of general meeting -- they're all at the neighborhood capo's tavern on separate business maybe (paying debts, paying tribute, reporting on operations, etc). A rival thieves guild suddenly attacks, mostly wiping out the PC's guild. The PC's an a very small number of unknown other survive and must escape the city before the rival guild finds and neutralizes them. That's why they stick together. They can run towards your first campaign hook if you make it part of one of their back stories, or they can run for the nearest safe haven and encounter the first campaign hook there.
  19. (From DND memes, which got it from tumblr user probablyfunrpgideas) The players are a squad of government investigators, trying to prevent monsters from claiming new habitat. Making sure abandoned properties are sold and dont remain vacant too long, trying to keep people from stockpiling loads of alchemical/magical ingredients in one place, etc. Its mainly negotiation, but sometimes people have an interest in attracting dangerous entities for their own purposes.
  20. Maybe your party dies in the middle of a campaign, maybe they died separately of natural causes. Either way they all "wake up" next to each other, in a cold and bleak mirror image of the regular world. You can all feel it in your bones. Something is coming. You have only minutes to talk and prepare before whatever it is will be there.
As it gets closer, you can make out what is on it's way. A creature standing at least eighteen feet tall is shambling awkwardly towards you. It is vaguely humanoid, with three legs of slightly different lengths all jutting from a central point at where it's pelvis would be. It has six arms, four of which are holding human sized cages (it can be more if the party is larger than this). It's hands bend in the opposite direction of a normal humans, curling sickly out from it's body. The body itself is deathly pale and malnourished, clearly showing the veins and musculature beneath the skin. It has a normal head, but is absent a face. It has sunken in skin where it's eyes would be, with cracks covered in dried blood at the center. A long, jagged crack in the skin also stretches across where the mouth would be. A spike twice the length of a spear is stabbed downward through the creatures ribcage. At the upper half of the spear, a lantern with a blue flame is attached.
If the players manage to steal the lantern or kill the creature (it may be large and swing pretty hard, but it is practically unable to avoid attacks with its awkward gait and has no outside armor whatsoever. Removing the lantern from the creature will cause it to immediately drop to the ground, lifeless.), they will discover that releasing the flame sends them back to the material plane, in the middle of the wilderness. The lantern is still with whoever opened it, albeit it's no longer lit.
They just managed to do something no other living being has ever done. They have obtained one of the lantern of the collectors, a literally priceless artifact that can bring people back from the dead, and traverse the dead realms. Now they just have to figure out how it works.
  1. Strange groups of identical looking adventurers have started roaming the country, taking on assignments for very little money. You gotta figure out who they are, where they came from, and how to stop them before they take all your work.
  2. A fallout new Vegas one. Basically the group all wake up in a doctors office with no memory, only a letter explaining they were delivering something to a location.
  3. In the central city of the empire/nation, during a major celebration, the king is assassinated, and resurrection spells fail when cast on him. There is a major bounty placed on discovering why.
  4. Your party is a bunch of strangers that has been framed for a crime. Now your group has to work together to prove their innocence and put the real culprits behind bars!
  5. All members of party are found in strange place.. no floor, no ceiling, no nothing. They are just floating around. Suddenly, man dressed in black suit walks in, and proposes a deal. The party is going to hell either way, but if they help him out, he might secure them a way back to mortal realm.
  6. All the PC's are in a huge open air bazaar in the center of a large desert fortress town (they do not need to know each other or be shopping together). Suddenly, a young boy (early teens) comes crashing down through an awning of a nearby stall, a short sword in one hand (still sheathed) as a merchant and several of the local guard chase him yelling "Stop, thief!"
  7. The party is all half human and half other races looking for their shared parent.
  8. All members of your party are part of the town guard. Monster attacks have been on the rise lately and a nest of goblins/orcs/whatever has been discovered and your party has been sent to wipe them out (along with other soldiers who, alas, don't make it.)
  9. The PC’s all meet in a gnomish tinkers shop, looking to get their pocket watches repair. Oddly they all have pocket watches that have stopped on the exact same time.
  10. All the PCs are going about their own business in the market square. Suddenly time stops and everyone and everything is frozen for 3 minutes, apart from the PCs.
  11. All the PCs meet out in a field next to a large flat topped rock, having received a note to be there at this specified time and date. A flapping gushing sound starts softly getting louder and louder until thud, a body from the sky hits the rock. Clasped in the bodies hand is a note which reads ‘avenge me’.
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (7/10/16)

·1. Beach Park man shot multiple times in parking lot of Evanston IHOP restaurant (NBC 5)
·2. Gov. Rauner appears at 5K run at Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling (WGN TV)
·3. Three men sought in connection with robbery of Wadsworth gas station; may have robbed liquor store two weeks before (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·4. Mount Prospect man held on $500,000 bond for sexually, physically assaulting two teenage girls (Chicago Tribune)
·5. Motorcycle passenger killed on U.S. 20 when motorcyclist swerves to avoid a stopped vehicle, loses control of bike and crashes (Chicago Sun-Times)
·6. Backers of Schaumburg Convention Center, adjoining hotel pleased with businesses' 10 years of success (Daily Herald)
·7. Hanover Park seeks public input online on its policing services (Daily Herald)
·8. Rental truck gets stuck in ditch, causes fire on Cemetery Lake near Arlington Heights Road in Elk Grove Village (Daily Herald)
·9. Human Library of Fox Valley allows people to have conversations with interactive content provided by humans (Daily Herald)
·10. Morton Grove man arrested for sexual abuse of a co-worker at a home for people with disabilities in Berwyn (Chicago Tribune)
·11. 19-year-old Homewood woman killed in crash with tractor-trailer truck in Peotone Township, Will County (Chicago Sun-Times)
·12. Hazel Crest police: Shooting deaths of father, two daughters not a random act; police ask for information on what happened (WGN TV)
·13. Gary man arrested for stealing mail, packages from Gary home (Chicago Sun-Times)
·14. Ogden Dunes, Portage sign pact as non-federal sponsors to shore up beaches being eroded by rising Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
·15. Lowell swimmer notches record time in 50-meter free swim for ages 15-16 during semi-finals for U.S. Olympic Team trials (Northwest Indiana Times)
·16. Motorcyclist killed on Indiana Toll Road in Portage when his bike collides with Indiana State Trooper patrol car making a U-turn (Northwest Indiana Times)
·17. Indiana Court of Appeals rules in favor of now-deceased woman in 25-year-old tax-sale case over Crowd Point properties that previous owner had failed to pay taxes on since 1984 (Northwest Indiana Times)
·18. Town of Munster's school head named president of Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents for 2016-17 (Northwest Indiana Times)
·19. 1989 Merrillville High School graduate who faked his own death to avoid prosecution features prominently in short film '$cammed: Investment Fraud Revealed' (Northwest Indiana Times)
·20. Object thrown through window of Hobart apartment building sparks fire, which remains under investigation (Northwest Indiana Times)
·21. Questions raised after tattoo parlor opens in East Chicago without Town Council's approval (Northwest Indiana Times)
·22. [Merrillville may be on verge of becoming broadband-ready community]( (Northwest Indiana Times)
·23. Morton Grove man arrested on charges of burglary of gas station, falsely reporting his vehicle stolen (Chicago Tribune)
·24. One person arrested in connection with June 29 drive-by shooting in Elgin (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
·25. Maine Township High School District 207 superintendent gets $50,000 merit bonus after completing goals set by the school board; his annual salary is $210,000 before bonuses (Daily Herald)
·26. Nazi banner on display causes flap at Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles; vendor removed it at staff's request after it appeared on facebook (Daily Herald)
·27. Body of elderly man found in retention pond in Downers Grove (WGN TV)
·28. Motorcyclist killed in late-night crash with another vehicle at intersection of 3rd Avenue and Richards Street in Joliet (Chicago Sun-Times)
·29. New Lenox man killed when motorcycle he was riding crashed near intersection of 179th Street and Spring Meadows Drive in Homer Glen (Chicago Sun-Times)
·30. Harvey woman shot to death, live-in 'companion' wounded on Sunday morning (Chicago Sun-Times)
·31. Ford Heights man with schizophrenia in jail for killing cousin who made made fun of him (Chicago Tribune)
·32. Man wounded in shooting at Pioneer Motel on Torrence Avenue in Lansing (Chicago Sun-Times)
·33. Blue Island teenager struck, killed by vehicle in 13600 block of South Western Avenue; coroner's office rules death an accident (Chicago Sun-Times)
·34. Westchester Township History Museum puts up exhibit on the wife, daughters and granddaughters of Joseph Bailly and their influence (Northwest Indiana Times)
·35. Michigan City-based Save the Dunes searching for new executive director after departure of Nicole Barker (Northwest Indiana Times)
·36. Former Chesterton swimmer the first from stories swim program lands place on U.S. Olympic Team (Northwest Indiana Times)
·37. Cedar Lake has timetable in place for restoration of town's namesake lake (Northwest Indiana Times)
·38. Roadside bomb discovered along Welnetz Road near Trail Creek, LaPorte County (Northwest Indiana Times)
·39. St. John police chief heading to Washington, D.C., to participate in conference on 21st-Century policing (Northwest Indiana Times)
·40. Lake County to join national Data-Driven Justice Initiative as way of diverting mentally-ill residents from repeated jailing (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·41. Lake County Finance & Administrative Committee meetings to be telecast on LCTV (Daily Herald)
·42. Bartlett Royals Little League team, undefeated in regular season, sweeps playoffs; eight players selected for Little League All-Star game (Daily Herald)
·43. Elgin-O'Hare Expressway now a cashless tollroad from I-290 to Lake Street (CBS 2)
·44. Park Ridge reports spending about $1,950 on Hillary Clinton's May 19 visit (Chicago Tribune/Park Ridge Herald-Advocate)
·45. Hampshire renames Memorial Park as Henpeck Park to recall village's history (Daily Herald)
·46. Senior-housing project proposed for 300 N. State St. in Elgin (Daily Herald)
·47. California man charged with battery after hitting man repeatedly at wedding reception in Streamwood (Daily Herald)
·48. Oak Park native uses KICS Cup soccer competition to promote global unity, teach about diversity and other cultures (Chicago Tribune/Forest Leaves)
·49. Man robs Fifth-Third Bank on North Neltnor Boulevard (Route 59) in West Chicago (WBBM AM 780)
·50. LaGrange police charge Maywood teen for June 21 robbery, recover iPhone (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
·51. Kane County State's Attorney reports 7 percent increase in felony charges over same time last year (Daily Herald)
·52. Park Forest man arrested on attempted-murder charge after allegedly stabbing his housemate 18 times (Chicago Tribune)
·53. Two houses, several vehicles damaged in University Park blaze that might have been sparked by fireworks (CBS 2)
·54. Mysterious hero rescues partially paralyzed man from burning home in University Park (NBC 5)
·55. Peotone Junior High School basketball coach charged with grooming female student with 'inappropriate' texts (Chicago Tribune)
·56. Merrillville-based MonoSol launches water-soluble film product to deliver food color to food processors in Latin America (Northwest Indiana Times)
·57. Two men wounded in separate shootings in Hammond over the holiday weekend (Northwest Indiana Times)
·58. Merrillville man arrested in scheme that exchanged counterfeit money for prepaid debit cards (Northwest Indiana Times)
·59. Skyrocketing property tax bills enrage Cook County homeowners; County Board president promises not to consider property-tax hike (ABC 7)
·60. Divvy rolls out service in Evanston (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
·61. Chicago Blackhawks draft former Lake Forest Academy hockey star (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
·62. Lake Zurich Village Board approves proposed Illinois Secretary of State drivers-license facility at Deerpath Commons on Rand Road (Daily Herald)
·63. Wauconda officials hold off on decision on red-light camera at Bonner Road and U.S. 12 (Daily Herald)
·64. Metra completes $328,000 renovation of 127-year-old Ravinia station in Highland Park (FOX 32)
·65. U.S. Department of Labor fines Lakemoor Dental $53,900 for failing to protect employees from risks of blood-borne pathogens (Daily Herald)
·66. First American Bank on Golf Road in Skokie robbed (Chicago Tribune/Skokie Review)
·67. Arlington Heights Park District to install 20-foot netting along Kirchoff Road as part of project that will bring in artificial turf to soccer, football fields at Sunset Meadows (Daily Herald)
·68. Des Plaines to keep 'City of Destiny' motto; decision on 'dP' logo yet to be made (Daily Herald)
·69. Sleepy Hollow considers prosecuting first-time DUI offenders locally rather than in state court (Daily Herald)
·70. Sleepy Hollow institutes ban on raising chickens in residential backyards (Daily Herald)
·71. Longtime Maine West High School girls basketball coach Derril Kipp loses battle with pancreatic cancer at age 71 (Chicago Tribune/Park Ridge Herald-Advocate)
·72. Park Ridge accountant pleads guilty to defrauding Chicago Cubs of $364,000, embezzling $358,208 from cancer patient (Chicago Sun-Times)
·73. Man, woman shot multiple times inside Westchester home (Chicago Tribune)
·74. Aurora Police: Five people shot during Fourth of July weekend (Chicago Sun-Times)
·75. Campton Hills Village Board discusses, but doesn't vote on, firing village administrator (Daily Herald)
·76. While preservationist prepare to fight DuPage Forest Preserve District's move to demolish McKee House at Churchill Woods, Sierra Club argues for building's removal (Daily Herald)
·78. Wheaton City Council approves contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems that will bring radio-frequency-ID technology to city's garbage collection (Daily Herald)
·79. Chicago man shot multiple times outside Oak Park gas station (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
·80. Pair of men who carjacked a vehicle in Chicago now sought for fatal shooting of clerk at gas station on 5300 block of Harlem Avenue in Summit (CBS 2)
·81. Palos Park homeowner with valid concealed-carry license shoots two home invaders, leaving one dead, the other wounded (WBBM AM 780)
·82. Lincoln-Way High School District 210 superintendent claimed balanced budget in 2014, but private communication showed he expected $6 million deficit (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·83. Frankfort man killed when semi tractor-trailer collapses on him at Monee industrial facility (Chicago Sun-Times)
·84. Merrillville man shot to death inside his home (Chicago Tribune)
·85. Friday Night Cruise-In brings motorcycle enthusiasts to South Point business park in Valparaiso every Friday evening (Northwest Indiana Times)
·86. Valparaiso police pull drunk man off Rail America tracks two-and-a-half block in front of approaching train (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·87. Bishop Noll Catholic High School graduate Matt Pobereyko heads to Arizona League Diamondbacks after his Independent League contract is bought by MLB team (Northwest Indiana Times)
·88. East Chicago graffiti artists represent area at Indiana State Museum competition (Northwest Indiana Times)
·89. Lake County coroner's office identifies body in Merrillville retention pond as Munster man (Northwest Indiana Times)
·90. Indiana Court of Appeals refuses to reduce mentally-ill LaPorte County man's 60-year sentence in the murder of his brother with a samurai sword (Northwest Indiana Times)
·91. Cook County's slick new website and data portal goes live; site cost taxpayers $1.245 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
·92. Three men from Chicago, Lansing, Lowell appear in U.S. District court in Hammond on charges of trying to buy HUD homes with the intent to sell them for a profit (Northwest Indiana Times)
·93. Zion-area man pleads not guilty to charges he was driving recklessly before a crash that killed girl, her father in Lindenhurst in August 2015 (Daily Herald)
·94. Drone operator flying small, remote-controlled machine over Bangs Lake prompts Wauconda officials to draw up limitations on drone use over public, private properties (Daily Herald)
·95. Objection filed against incumbent Lake County coroner's run for re-election as independent (Daily Herald)
·96. Elgin police chief attends three-week program at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, learns how communities judge departments' success and how money is allocated (Daily Herald)
·97. Des Plaines City Council enacts restrictions on which flags can be flown on city property after Des Plaines Public Library puts up gay-pride flag following mass shooting in Orlando (WBBM AM 780)
·98. Algonquin man pens book inspired by his and his wife's adoption of a show dog (Daily Herald)
·99. Carpentersville suffers power outage after car-vs-semi crash downs power lines at Binnie and Randall roads (Daily Herald)
·100. Trustee who served for 13 years resigns from Arlington Heights Memorial Library board (Daily Herald)
·101. Less than half of requests for grants from Kane County riverboat-casino gambling fulfilled (Daily Herald)
·102. Glen Ellyn college student was found dead last year along Tiber River after traveling to Rome to study at John Cabot University, echoing death of Wisconsin student (NBC 5)
·103. Cicero police officer sustains minor injuries after vehicle he stopped sped away, running over the officer's foot; suspect escaped into Chicago (WBBM AM 780)
·104. Onetime owner of Hollywood Palms, Hollywood Boulevard theaters pleads guilty to tax-evasion and bank-fraud scheme; faces up to 15 years in prison and $6 million in payments (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
·105. West Chicago officials consider building band shell in Reed-Keppler Park; Park District to be responsible for planning and management, while the city will pay for rest (Daily Herald)
·106. Four suspects in attempted home burglary stand charged with death of fifth suspect after Palos Park homeowner with conceal-carry permit fatally shoots man (WBBM AM 780)
·107. Man found dead outside house on 200 block of Miami Street, Park Forest (Chicago Tribune)
·108. 15-year-old Hammond boy shot to death at 1:30 a.m. Thursday on block where he lived (Chicago Sun-Times)
·109. Film about East Chicago outsider artist Peter Anton set in Northwest Indiana to air on PBS, Lakeshore Public Television in September (Northwest Indiana Times)
·110. New state law allows former K-9 partner's cremains to be interred with late Michigan City police officer (Northwest Indiana Times)
·111. Ivy Tech Community College Northwest to restart welding program after 10-year hiatus (Northwest Indiana Times)
·112. Group of Munster residents call for changes or cancellation of St. Thomas More Fun Days following shooting that wounded woman across road at Jewel-Osco (Northwest Indiana Times)
·113. Griffith officials get OK to pursue referendum to secede from Calumet Township (Northwest Indiana Times)
·114. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency takes action to protect residents of East Chicago housing complex from effects of lead-contaminated soil (Northwest Indiana Times)
·115. Stepdaughter of ex-Lake Station mayor sentenced to 6 months home confinement, two years probation, fined $664 as result of her involvement in corruption scandal (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·116. Lakes of the Four Seasons man killed when his car slams into a tree on East 109th Avenue in Winfield; passenger from Crown Point declines medical attention (Northwest Indiana Times)
·117. Portage police arrest 10 people in connection with underage drinking party (Northwest Indiana Times)
·118. Gary man charged with arson after setting ex-girlfriend's car on fire while they talked about their relationship (Northwest Indiana Times)
·119. Northbrook homeowners association seeks to stop housing development on country club property that tests show has high levels of arsenic from century of herbicides, pesticides (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
·120. Target unveils plans for small-format store at Dempster Street and Bronx Avenue in Skokie; slated to open in 2017 (Crain's Chicago Business)
·121. Chicago man arrested on gun and drug charges after allegedly shooting a Beach Park man multiple times outside Evanston IHOP (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
·122. Lake County Municipal League board of directors chooses officers (Daily Herald)
·123. Arlington Heights 'Pastafarian' convinces Illinois Secretary of State's staff to allow her to wear colander on her head for driver-license photo (Chicago Tribune)
·124. Plainfield man dies three days after being pinned between two vehicles near O'Hare International Airport (Chicago Sun-Times)
·125. Man critically injured when boat crashes into dock on Fox River in Trout Valley (ABC 7)
·126. Motorcyclist killed after being struck by flatbed truck on Route 25 close to Kenyon Road near Bartlett/Elgin (Chicago Sun-Times)
·127. Elgin fire chief announces retirement set for Oct. 10 (Daily Herald)
·128. Illinois Attorney General sues owner of Berwyn apartment building over violation of 1978 Lead Poisoning Prevention Act (Chicago Sun-Times)
·129. 74-year-old woman killed in four-vehicle crash on Route 64 near St. Charles (Chicago Sun-Times)
·130. Carol Stream Public Library accepting applications for trustee position after Patricia Johnson resigns to care for family member; deadline is Sunday, July 17 (Daily Herald)
·131. Former CEO of Lisle-based Navistar fights federal lawsuit that he lied to investors about status of engine technology that was never developed (Crain's Chicago Business)
·132. Villa Park lifeguard saves boy's life on first day on job at Jefferson Pool (NBC 5)
·133. Campton Hills man convicted of choking a family member at Geneva hospital sentenced to 10 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times)
·134. Man and woman shot in a parking lot early Friday morning in 700 block of North Lake Street in Aurora (Chicago Sun-Times)
·135. Geneva woman jailed for poisoning death of her husband attempts to kill herself again (Daily Herald)
·136. DuPage judge rejects Naperville Township road commissioner's lawsuit seeking full funding; trustees' decision to cut $500,000 from his budget stands (Daily Herald)
·137. Oswego man charged for third time with threatening, stalking Illinois Toll Highway Authority chairman Robert Schillerstrom (Daily Herald)
·138. Preservationists try to save run-down Joliet mansion owned by Civil War veteran who served in 13th Colored Infantry (WBBM AM 780)
·139. Plainfield police receive anonymous thank-you letter in wake of Dallas shooting (NBC 5)
·140. Evergreen Park woman charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening police in a Facebook post (Chicago Tribune)
·141. Monee mayor has been accused of aggressive behavior four times since 2011, but no charges were ever filed (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
·142. Teenager charged in Chicago carjacking that led to murder of gas station clerk in Summit (CBS 2)
·143. Coach at Thornridge High School in Dolton accused of having sex with student after mother catches them undressed in South Holland home (ABC 7)
·144. Crete woman rescues rabid bat from pool, gets bit on hand, neck (WBBM AM 780)
·145. Indianapolis man charged with molesting, incest of two girls in Merrillville (Northwest Indiana Times)
·146. Michigan City doctor develops app to help children eat healthy and fight obesity (Northwest Indiana Times)
·147. Gary parents of three children killed in 2014 Hammond fire caused by propane heater now charged with neglect in their deaths (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
·148. Man charged with domestic battery, criminal confinement, battery causing great bodily harm after breaking car window with brick and beating woman in the face in Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
·149. Man, woman from Gary arrested in charges of stealing $3 million from the Internal Revenue Service (Northwest Indiana Times)
·150. Chesterton native and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Mitch McGary suspended for violating NBA's anti-drug policy (Northwest Indiana Times)
·151. Four Portage Township YMCA day-care workers fired after 3-year-old boy was left unattended on a playground on June 30 (Northwest Indiana Times)
·152. Gurnee's Welton Village Plaza on Old Grand Avenue to be ready in time for annual Gurnee Days (Daily Herald)
·153. 47-year-old Cicero man dies from electrocution after making contact with Blue Line train in Oak Park (FOX 32)
·154. DuPage Forest District to post signs reminding users of horseback riders after Wheaton woman thrown from horse which was startled by a mountain bike (Daily Herald)
·155. Tickets for La Grange's Just Desserts Tour summer schedule sell out, but tickets for October now on sale (ABC 7)
·156. Warrenville man injured when motorized glider he was piloting crashes near Newark (Chicago Tribune)
·157. Al's Supermarket location in LaPorte Townsquare Mall closes (Northwest Indiana Times)
·158. Calumet Township assessor's employee to plead guilty to shaking down five businesses in exchange for reduced tax assessments (Northwest Indiana Times)
·159. Two people drown in Lake Michigan off Wells Street Beach in Gary during air show; three others rescued (ABC 7)
·160. Crown Point artist workshop Board & Brush to open new location in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
·161. Food-and-nutrition director at East Chicago's St. Catherine Hospital named semi-finalist in Jenny-O How American Burgers contest (Northwest Indiana Times)
·162. Portion of Hammond's Lyman Avenue evacuated while police search chemical-smelling car driven by Valparaiso man (Northwest Indiana Times)
·163. Federal agency says Great Lakes Basin Transportation needs to outline alternate routes for proposed freight bypass (Northwest Indiana Times)
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